Thursday, May 28, 2009



This afternoon the air is  thick in our apartment but the breezes bring in some cooler air now and then. I just scanned some sketches from recent days. Thought I would post these and go make some more. 3:15 is time to pack my shopping bag and walk to the metro to get some fresh veggies from the farmer's market downtown by the National Archives. 
Keith and I enjoyed a visit to the Renwick Arts and Crafts Museum yesterday to see an arts and crafts exhibition of Greene and Greene brothers of the early 20th century who made fine homes and furnishings in California. I admired and drew one exterior decoration on the exterior of the Renwick and a chair in a small salon where a velvet bench made sitting down to draw very inviting. The chairs in the exhibition were lovely but there wasn't a good place to sit and draw any of them.  I am going to need  my folding artist's stool with me to sketch in these museum shows. I did a sketch of the folding stool a while back.  This fine stool was a gift from my pal, the poet, Dan Vera who sketches and wants to go on a sketch crawl together out in the city like Danny Gregory and his friends do.  I have been inspired by a few blogs from a group blog called Urban Sketchers. I like to see the drawings other artists do all around the world. Also Michael Nobbs in Wales is a big inspiration to get me  sketching. He blogs and tweets about drawings he likes all the time as well as makes them himself nearly every day. 

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