Monday, May 18, 2009

tree cutters came but.....

This fine morning I got up to see some orange caution cones set up in 9th and Randolph street's intersection. The tree removal team was set up on 9th street to cut down dead trees. Not long after I heard them doing their work till they turned up on my street and began the work of cutting down a long dead little leaf linden tree. Four costumed workers made quick mulch of the tree branches and trunk in their big wood chipper while the fifth guy cut up the tree using a chainsaw. To my great disappointment  they removed only the little dead tree and they ignored the huge dead tree in front of our house. I guess as I said earlier they will have to wait to get a arborist from department of transportation to come mark this tree and put in work orders for it to be removed with assistance from the power company. I did get a great view of the work from my window and I made a record to show that at least some things get done and done well in Washington DC. for a quick action look see and hear you can watch a short video I am posting.

So there we have the video, fun to see them working.  I need to call the city to request they send a tree person over to condemn our larger dead tree. Then we can see about getting a few more new trees that do not grow into the wires. My pal in Holland tells me it is illegal to plant any tree under a power line in Holland and France. He spent two or three vacations at his country home cleaning up the mess the power company made when they cut and left where they fell a wide swath of wild forest trees near a power line running along his property. At least the government workers here who planted them also cuts them and cleans up the mess when they are done. 

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