Friday, November 4, 2011

all over the place

riding down the road with Keith and Mom I got to draw in the backseat next to the bucket of flowers 
I have been traveling and taking photos a lot the past couple weeks and I got overwhelmed by the volume of pictures I had to edit this week while watching the trees in our neighborhood turning my favorite colors everywhere... I would say this is an important time for a guy who likes orange to be recording the colors in the dramatic sunlight that comes this time of year.
We went to Williamsburg VA and visited Yorktown and Jamestown Island with my mother and her pal Mildred for a week. We did a lot of outlet shopping to replace clothes that don't fit us any longer due to the great weight loss we managed to pull off this summer. We even ate out a lot more than usual but did our best to stick to the rules for the last phase of our diet. But I could write and write volumes of stories about what we did and what we saw but they are always better with pictures. So I want to divide it up. Make several posts and try to catch up a little at a time. So I will begin with the trip to Williamsburg.

Keith and I on a cold rainy afternoon in Jamestown Island National Park
Powhatan Plantation House at dusk subject of the sketch below

I sat in the dark on a rock in a drainage ditch to get this sketch  before the light was completely gone 
Our digs at Powhatan time share were surrounded by great branches of berries and patterns of colonial Virginia 
The puzzle table was a unlikely subject for a sketch

Mildred was just working intently on putting together the puzzle and seemed to be ready made as a subject. 
James river lapping waves on the island drive 

marsh was high from rains 

Nearly so high that water as to wash over the roadways

Pygmy deer stag passed over the road with a full set of antlers! 

The marsh and river beyond at tip of Jamestown Island 

Orange pine needles covered the edges of the roadway 

grasses are reddish orange in the marsh this time of year

The leaves were just beginning to show the colors of autumn 

Keith was cold in his fleece as the wet wind blew on him 

Much more comfortable at the Williamsburg Market place shopping center later...
I am going to stop here. This covers the Jamestown Island tour but you can see the full set of photos on my page. This link will take you there... 

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