Sunday, November 6, 2011

new idea quilting

I had an idea as I was finishing up my Fairhaven Summer Quilt project last week for a design based on a fence pattern at Powhatan Plantation in Williamsburg, Virginia. I saw and photographed a few of the fences and one in particular faciated me for many reasons. I recall there was a moment when I realized as a kid that not all fences were put together the same way. These designs are very geometic and thus very good for flat designs like in a fiber art project such as a quilt. My father once told me about a design he and uncle Herb put in the banister around my Grandparents front porch... he also talked and pointed out some of those classical colonial designs he had studied when we went to Williamsburg in a book to me at some point. So this idea has roots in my childhood when I was learning about Architectural history from my father.
the railing at Powhattan to the left of the doorway. 

making green and white striped fabric to begin 

folding and cutting to create triangles from the stripes 

assemble the short sides of the triangles  to make a square

the resulting new quilt block design

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