Sunday, November 6, 2011

new friend resuced

across the street the first look at Doug and his new dog "Jazz"
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my pal Douglas Kingsbury and his new rescue dog  . It was my job to get some photos of him since Doug has had his hands full taking care of this new 3 year old rescue Airedale he hasn't had an opportunity to get it's picture. I can see why since Jazz as they were calling him is very busy and interested in everything almost like a puppy. We went for a walk and then came home to see what sketched beginnings of paintings Douglas had to show and visited with Jazz a little too. He has only been in his new home for about a week. I have to say he was very friendly and I fell in love pretty quickly with his charming good looks and sweet disposition. I think he is going to be a great pet once he gets settled in and learns the signals Doug and his husband Bob are trying to use to educate the dog on how to behave in a busy urban setting. After the date with Jazz who will likely be getting a new name soon that sounds something like Jazz. Doug and I had a nice lunch and went to the free day at the Phillips to see the ballet paintings and sketches and a couple sculptures by Edgar Degas. It was a perfect fall afternoon for friends dogs and Degas. I took the metro to and from Mount Pleasant and did sketches both ways. We walked a lot and really had a fun afternoon. I look forward to seeing more of Doug and his dog in the future since the dog will help ground our world traveler a bit for the next few years.
Douglas Kingsbury and his new dog

he was a whirl wind in the kitchen waiting for his lunch ... and reminds me of Tin Tin the European cartoon guy who had a dog like Jazz! 

He has a very expressive face and body language. 

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