Sunday, November 6, 2011

one sunny autunm afternoon in Williamsburg

heritage breed cattle red and responsive if you talk to them

orange leaves and a surviving original house of a wealthy colonial lawyer

spectacular skies and colors 

orange maple leaves by the court house 

tourists taking portraits and the orange tree with magazine in the background 

my favorite walkway is a whole block long with ancient boxwood hedges on both sides

The hedge starts next to the Powell house which was recently turned over to Colonial Williamsburg foundation by the last surviving resident owner

Gates and gardens are always interesting 

heritage sheep first breed to have long haired wool

broken brick courtyards were the work yard between house and kitchens outback 

dappled autumn light on the patterns of white

more colorful leaves and a cool banister fence design

 split log fencing 

wood workers house?


 spectacularly red with berries 

gates need some sanding and fresh paint. the weak economy is hurting CW 

close up of the berry laden holly tree and palace gate to the stables 

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