Sunday, April 21, 2013

after the cherry blossoms

Each year I remind myself that the Asian vine called wisteria blooms the week after all the cherry blossoms fall while the trees leaf out to fresh green. It's a wonderful sight and can surprise you.  I was out for a walk near Dupont Circle a few years ago, walking along Q. Street NW by the Argentine Embassy when I was overwhelmed the most amazing perfume. I remember looking around and wondering who was wearing such a strong perfume. Sniffing and walking then I passed by a very tall southern magnolia tree and smelled the perfume much stronger. I paused and took a a spin around looking to see if I was missing someone or something and there it was above me a the tree covered in the blooms of a giant wisteria! It was so sweet and fine but only showed on the west face of the tree then. Now you can see it on both sides. So the other day when Melinda and I were walking and she exclaimed how lovely! "What's that called" she asked, "we can't grow those in Wisconsin..." I told her about this wisteria on Q. St. and the equally amazing vines that grow on the long low walls of the National Gallery of Art's West Building down on the mall.

 After that discussion with Melinda, I realized I had to go back and see this display we didn't get time to visit Friday. I also found a second smaller vine growing high over a narrow entrance to a row house on R. Street in the same block between 19th St. and NH Ave. NW It makes such a lovely display and even these tiny row house gardens have room for a big flowering vine if you just make a place for it to grow up to the light.

This is just one of the many moments this week that were a joy for me. I also had the honor to meet two Gee's Bend, Alabama quilters and see and touch their amazing quilts. I went to Manassas for a night with Mom and together we took in a spectacular display garden of tulips in Haymarket, Virginia. I hot linked my photo sets to the quilts and tulips if you want to go see them on my flickr page. I hope your spring is not all gloomy after so many terrifically tragic events in the news I realize each day it is important to live life in the moment.

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Jessie said...

These wisteria are lovely, Frederick! I haven't seen any here "up north" yet. I hope soon.