Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Springs crazy weather is the normal kind, it seems to me. This week we are getting a lot of flowers fast which is a nice way to put winter behind us and anticipate the coming flowers of the summer months. May and June are the best garden months in our garden I think but as you may know we have flowers almost all year long. Here are a few I shot today. Those coral double quince flowers are pretty sweet this year after a few years of waiting for the shrub to grow up.

coral colored quince 

hens and chicks like concrete pots

narcissus poeticus 


Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful time of year!

Jessie said...

I wish I had a flowering quince like that. I'd love to draw them. And that's one of my favorite colors! (but I say that about every color at some point or another...)

Frederick said...

Our flowering garden is a paradise to me on a macro scale especially absorbing to draw. I spent two warm season years drawing every morning out there. I didn't get to draw this quince because it is just now growing large enough to see.