Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Walking in Brookland

 Living in Brookland this time of year is great walking. The flowers change every day as spring marches forward. Today I had a lunch time meeting at the Veterans Hospital, about a 30 minute brisk walk from our apartment; I tucked my camera in my pocket and carried it along. I knew I would be there for a couple hours and afterwards I would be heading over to the Monastery to cast my vote in a special election for at-large counsel seat. I chose Allissa Silverman and voted for the amendment to our charter to gain more control of our local DC budget. Congress currently has full oversight to manipulate how we use our own tax money in DC. My vote was only the 101st ballot cast on paper in our precinct.  Then the home trip allowed me to stop and smell the flowers and bring these images home to share.

View of Michigan Ave. and Monroe St. intersection construction around Metro station
This morning as I was walking to the meeting I am astounded at all the new buildings on the way. I worry when I see so much dense development that the nature of our community is going to be ruined.   Meanwhile the individual gardens have some real joy in their flowering plants.

wisteria on the Perry place fence

dogwood and red azaleas on 13th St. 

azaleas in the woods at the front of the Monastery 

gorgeous red camellias at the monastery gardens 

salmon colored azaleas in the shade

Monastery azaleas along the long path were taller than me!

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