Friday, April 12, 2013

quilt designs and swaps

felt layout wall to ponder possibilities 
The orange project on the left and the old green and white abstract on the left are both coming along. I hope to add some of this fuchsia magenta or what ever you want to call this reddish color in the green and white project. I started making some Seminole strips to see if that would be a nice way to work it into my final assembly. I think I have to switch gears to decide with only one project on the wall at a time it will be easier to sort out what I like. 
a little Seminole for a dash of color

 squares next to diagonals
 Six of the blocks for the Orange project seen close up below. Each is it's own plan and each can have more added or get whacked and reassembled as the notion strikes me. It's fun to see them building up. The heat wave this week really put a kink in my pace. Can't run the air conditioner and the iron at the same time, we think. Especially not after a mysterious fuse blew about ten minutes running the AC... I didn't think it wise to blow another 15 amp glass fuse to find out if I could run the iron and the AC and all the computers in the living area. This coming summer I will iron in the back rooms where there is less energy drawing on the other half of our power system during the day when I need to iron out my seams.

Earlier this week, I started in a new thing with a group called Add a Boarder on This very creative fellow Dustin Cecil in eastern Kentucky runs the Flickr. group from his home stead farm. I was impressed with his quilt blocks and his heirloom turkeys and farm animals that I have been following for a while in his posted photos on Flickr, Dustin has a blog with farm animal pictures and stories here:
Joined up the flickr swap group with this little block 6.5x6.5 inches square is the first round in which someone else will add another 6 inch boarder to it three times to complete the block at about 24 inches. I am calling it Dusty Hour Glass which you can see in the second photo when it is tipped up as a diamond. I am curious which block from the group I will get back in the mail to begin adding my boarder onto, or maybe I am suppose to choose one? I am still trying to figure out how this swap works. 

Dusty Hour Glass block for Add a Boarder swap. 


Jessie said...

There is something incredibly compelling about your orange blocks. I love the mix of patterns and solids, how they are not deliberately wonky, and each one is put together in its own way. This will be a treasure. How will you quilt it?

Frederick said...

Jessie, I have to admit I don't know how I will quilt it until I get the final pattern of the top worked out. I am debating making it one large block versus keeping them all unique and separate with some sort of edge grid. So many choices but I am just working on it one day at a time scrap by scrap... Glad to hear you like this improv block building.

Velma said...

This is cool!