Wednesday, April 3, 2013

scrappy blocks or color poems

how color talking to me ends up on the design wall 
before the blocks the sun filled still life caught my eye

ironing board scraps started forming new blocks
One of my favorite things is to play with bits of fabric left over from bigger projects. I was so lucky at the last DC Modern Quilt Guild meeting to be gifted a few hands full of fabric from a big pile that was offered up. These scraps combined with my own have been delighting and deviling my mind the last few days. Between sessions of physical therapy and yoga and walks and making meals... relaxing and puzzling out how to build new color poems with these fabrics is real work and really fun at the same time. Each new creation feels like a triumph as it gets ironed flat and posted on my felt wall for a portrait. So rather than wait until a new quilt is done to reveal in one fell swoop, I thought it would be fun to share in the process of building something that is just going along with no clear end in mind.

felt wall holds the blocks and strips of fabric for design process and portraits when completed

It could be a sort of orphan block soup. We plan to make one at the guild in the coming months which made me think if I end up with some I don't need I can donate them to that charity quilt project. Or It might be a new throw or two or three.... No clear end in sight for any of my current projects because after the Streaks of Lightning with such a rigid design and requirements of careful planning and execution I needed some free form fun.

my first scrappy log cabin like block

stripes in green theme reflects the last two quilt projects

Seminole scrap mixed with new goodies from the scrap pile

abstract quilt in green and white muslin is a carry over project from the earlier Williamsburg Fence design that was my first throw quilt completed in the early stages of learning about machine piecing and quilting.

mix of old and new but all are scraps from something
At home there are lots of little things that inspire and keep me going exploring color with my camera is a daily adventure. The lovely arrangements Keith makes pop up in ever changing vases are always a source of delight. Sunlight pouring in the windows this time of year is a happy thing to see. I had to glue the spokes of my chair back together and leave it sit for 24 hours. I put a scrap of orange fabric cut from the back of the last quilt to keep me from touching or sitting on it. Then the bag full of goodies Mom's Easter bunny left me happened to sit down there and voila a new still life in oranges for my blog. What inspires you when you think of colors and how do you express it? Quilts, photos, drawing and painting are some of my outlets that make everyday worth living.
new bronze vase with branches and flowers on the dresser

Narcissus in flame red ceramic vase with a post card from poet Dan Vera's LA trip last week! 

Pears in my favorite ceramic bowl that looks like a cratered Moon scape


Selfsewn said...

You know I love scraps!
You are going great guns with all your quilting, love the orange of course!

Jessie said...

this post is just full of beauty and inspiration, thank you Frederick! I can't wait to see the abstract green and white patchwork make it into in a finished piece.

Frederick said...

Thank you Claire and Jessie your complements charge my creative battery and make me feel less isolated with my dreamy visions.

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

Love the improv blocks. Excellent!

Frederick said...

thanks Katie@ SwimBikeQuilt. I sure do love doing this sort of quilting.