Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a couple artists far from here

This week I am working on my books and trying to build my stock for the Light in October. I have perfect weather to be out in my glass box porch, the light is great which makes it fun to work but always requires I take it slow to avoid damage to my spine. I learned that lesson the hard way a few years ago. My reason for posting today are two fold. I have sometime ago discovered a couple artists I like that I don't know personally and yet I enjoy the work they show on the internet and I wanted to share them with you. First came Michael Nobbs  who is now showing his Masters graduation exhibition in Wales, UK and the web. I met Michael in an Artist Way's group on the internet about nine years ago when I worked through that book of 12 chapters to a more creative life. We all worked on a single  Artist's Way chapter each week and discussed it online. Michael was struggling with a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but he has also learned to go slowly. I followed his development in exciting blog posts when he began writing and posting his thoughts and his delightful sketches of his life and things near at hand. Then he did these very interesting books (a zine) the size of your hand with his sketches and stories in them. I subscribed to Michael's zine "The Beany" and treasure each one of three he published and sent out in 2006. Now he has taken his art to the next level and done a masters degree and set up a show in a gallery and published a limited edition digital book. Good news is most of this show is online for us all to enjoy. I would rather go to Wales to see it in person but you know it would leave a huge carbon foot print. So I can enjoy it in a very 21st century way and show you now too. I wanted to congratulate Michael for his hard work and give him support not just because I think he is a great guy but he also lost his  Mom while he was working on this show. His Dad has been gone for many years so I know this was a very hard time for him. So take a look and explore the Michael Nobbs online. I encourage you to leave him some comments. 

The next artist Ahmad Nadalian is a Persian (Iranian) artist I stumbled upon somehow who sends out these great long emails every once in a while reporting on all his art making adventures. He is a traveler and makes river art an inspiration that makes me glad.  He inspires peace and thoughtfulness and delights my eyes and soul in a way that Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy does but in an eastern sort of way. Ahmad carves fish on stones and leaves them in places he travels. He was once in Washington DC and left some of his stone fish in Rock Creek. and they wrote about his visit  and art in Utne Reader that is where I found him. These fish are in the four corners of the world now which was the subject of his latest post as illustrated in the photo from his email above. He writes in both English and Persian which is something I don't know anything about. I find I respond to the marks he leaves on the sands and the rocks and the people he meets around the world. I want my friends to explore his world and put aside the propaganda we are fed about Iran for a few minutes. You will be glad you did. Ahmad Nadalian's last email began with this text to give you a little introduction in his words and then go see this website: 
"Today is 26 September. I am flying in the sky and writing this note.  Many people like hearing stories, and many tell stories- I want to be the story. My art and life are the same,  my life is my art."
  "My life shows my art. In the past 12 years , I’ve traveled to many lands and dedicated my fish to nature.  Canal of Venice, Rock Creek River- Washington DC, River Thames in London, Seine river in Paris, Lijiang River in China, Rhein River in Germany, Danube river in Serbia, … Persian Gulf, are now permanent hosts of the sprit of my fish.  Now I also dedicated my fish to South Africa's rivers, Indian and Atlantic oceans.  These fish were born in the streams of my village and now they swim in the ocean of the global village."

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