Friday, October 17, 2008

L I O final preparations

red, white and Florence books

Today is Friday the 17th of October and the big show is tomorrow morning. I have plenty of books completed. Five more are on my desk waiting for me to get back in there and sew them up. Bookbinding is fun but the self imposed pressure to have all that I want on the show table remains. I have to do other things today besides sew books to get ready. Things like put gas in the car and buy cream for our coffee tomorrow morning. Yet the day has arrived where I feel like I have a good collection of my books to show at Light in October V. I took some snap shots the other day of the collection as it was completed on Wednesday when Keith was finishing up his flower photography on the back steps I took the set up and did these shots of my completed books.
I have used  most of the red wave paper and it turns out a lovely book cover or end page. There are two beautiful blue and pink waxed paper books in the works and the large white journal. I got a small one done with a red wave and a special one from the Italian paper that Doug Kingsbury brought to me printed in Florence Italy with a special woodblock two color design which includes birds in burnt orange and foliage in green on a cream back ground. I got a gold and black satin cover and a green& rusty brown marble paper pocket size waiting to be sewn up. So in short I have a treasure box full of beautiful things I made this month. Hope some of my friends will find their way over to the Light in October show to see them. Next chance would be a personal visit or at the Plan b Gallery in November. Now time to get back to the studio and sew up those remaining books. 

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