Saturday, October 4, 2008

october begins

This week I went to Manassas to visit my Mother and had a good time with her hunting for new insulated drapes for the living room and dinning room windows. We visited the Manassas farmer's market and found a beautiful magenta colored chrysanthemum she fell in love with and brought home along with a few others to fill her porch with autumn colors. I got the weak in the knees for some red with yellow center button sized chrysanthemums and got two of those for our front porch steps in DC. When I got home my partner Keith had used one of his free days to make a beautiful wreath with all the cool dried flowers and pods he has been saving for the last year on our porch. The grape vines we cut and twisted into a wreath years ago at a friends house and now it has some decoration. We share the old sleeping porch that has been glassed in for a studio to work on our creative projects. In the five years we have lived here we learned it is best to work on the porch this time of year before the cold comes and after the heat leaves. The walls of glass that enclose the porch used to be screen and now they let in lots of light but also hold the heat like a hot house in summer. I realized as I was sitting there yesterday that I am so lucky to have a room with light in which to work. The studios I have had in the past were often nearly windowless. Our creative space is great and my  partner makes things I delight in having around that studio and in our home. Not to mention a beautiful garden that brings so many delights.  At the moment our lavender blue asters are blooming to beat the band. They signal the beginning of autumn; soon the wild Chinese chrysanthemums will begin to bloom.  I got two packages in the post this week, one from Holland that has  video footage of Cor's  retreat in France as it was this past August, the other is full of flower seeds and live sempervivums from Massachusetts from my collage buddy. I am looking forward to getting them in the ground once we decide where to work them into our garden. I took photos of the garden flowers and the creative wall in our studio porch for you. I am working on my hand made books for the Light in October fair and it is perfect weather here. The cool nights have put the mosquitoes to rest. They aren't all gone but there are clearly fewer hungry for my blood since the nights have grown colder. We enjoyed  watching the vice presidential debate with some neighbors where we played Sarah Palin bingo as it unfolded. Today I what to say that I feel blessed to have so many people in my life that bring me joy and appreciate my creative works of art and craft. This past few weeks with the economy tanking and the endless wars raging over seas and the endless  campaign that these dear ones and things are very important to remember and honor. 

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