Thursday, October 9, 2008

orange on wednesday

That ceramic tube vase that lies on it's side Keith made himself a couple years back when he was exploring ceramics at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. This was the first time he got it to work with a branch to support it on it's side at a very dramatic angle which does not show very well in the pictures. More sogetsu ikebana pictures can be seen on Keith's ikebana blog. The photos he took of this latest arrangement in orange and green are on Keith's flickr page

Great gobs of orange showed up in Keith's latest ikebana arrangement pyracantha berries with those great green pods in the gray day, cloudy covered sky they just sang ORANGE. While we were outside taking the photos of the arrangement a beautiful black, white and orange monarch butterfly came to visit our lavender blue asters! Needless to say I couldn't resist getting a few photos of the orange visitor. Seen anything orange lately?

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